TwinAIR health study just kicked-off with ETRA being the first site and in total this study is implemented across 5 different countries, 7 different partners (ETRA, AVANZA, ETrikala, Thriassio Hosptial, University of Bristol, Linköpping/ Norköpping University, CIIT-Lemgo) and 27 selected study rooms.

Τhe TwinAIR health study is being rolled-out and data will be collected for the next 1-2 years on health signs and symptoms related to indoor environmental quality.

Health study’s ambitious goal is to recruit 900 participants across the various sites over the next 1-2 years. Indoor air quality and environmental parameters in these rooms are continuously monitored using the advanced TwinAIR sensors.

Additionally, the implementing questionnaire of the TwinAIR health study has began, which collects data on participants’ perceptions of environmental quality and their health signs and symptoms.

The primary objective of this study is to longitudinally link the objectively measured indoor environmental quality parameters with the subjectively reported health signs and symptoms of the participants. By doing so, the health study is aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of how indoor environments impact our health and well-being.