A new important scientific publication has been published by the Coordinators team in collaboration with the NOVA University of Lisbon!

The title of the article is: “Adoption of digital twins as a sustainable energy solution: Determinants to adoption in household“.

👥 The Esteemed Authors are:

Joana Coelho
Tiago Oliveira
Catarina Neves
Stylianos Karatzas

📖 Abstract of the article:

Digital Twin (DT) consists of a recent technology that can enable sustainability. However, Digital Twins are still in early stages of adoption, especially in households, and so the determinants to this adoption have not yet been determined. The aim of this study is to fill this research gap through providing a conceptual model of the drivers to the adoption of Digital Twins in households and it’s relation to well-being. This study is developed as a mixed-methods research. The model is produced qualitatively, based on literature discoveries and key findings from interviews with experts and possible consumers. Afterwards, the model was validated with data collected through a questionnaire with 149 respondents. Results show that a set of informational, social, environmental and utility factors can influence the intention to adopt Digital Twins as a sustainable energy solution, and consequently the perceived well-being.

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