TwinAIR project was presented by an innovative and charming robot, CITA, at CIIT, providing a unique and engaging way to present this exciting project.

This remarkable robot, equipped with a touch-sensitive, rotating, talking, and information-display screen, is a marvel of modern technology.

A Power-Up Event, is scheduled for May 8th. This event is open to a wide range of attendees, including companies, entrepreneurs, students, and non-university visitors who want to network and learn more about artificial intelligence, smart work, industrial automation, and entrepreneurship.

During the event, TwinAIR will own a booth, where the project will be introduced. This will be an opportunity to discuss project’s goals, past accomplishments, current projects, and future plans with a broader audience. Additionally, main goal is participants’ understanding of artificial intelligence and digital products by show a short film about Twin Digital.

With around 200 participants from diverse backgrounds expected to attend and be interested in learning about innovative solutions. Τhe Power-Up Event provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about TwinAIR project.