The Kick off meeting of the IDEAL cluster took place on the 10th of October 2022, in Athens, Greece and online.

The Cluster Officer who represented the European Commission, Mrs R. Araujo, gave an informative presentation regarding the clusters in Horizon Europe programme, their goal and scope, and the way they will be performed.

All the projects which participate in the cluster INCHILDHEALTH, INQUIRE, K-HEALTHinAIR, LEARN, SynAir-G, and TwinAIR have been presented and all the Working Groups have been set up and organized their initial steps for the first months of the cluster’s lifespan.

Dr. Stylianos Karatzas, the project coordinator, represented TwinAIR project and explained the main objectives of the project and its concept.

TwinAIR project is going to lead the Working Group which deals with the Data Analysis/management and protection and it is also going to be one of the main contributors in the Communication and Dissemination Working Group.