Trikala#2030 is a public conference which is organized by TwinAIR’s partner ‘e-Trikala’ and the municipality of the Greek town Trikala, on the 20th and 21st of April, in Trikala, Greece.

The main scope of the conference is to present and discuss how to design and develop a sustainable city, which:

  • Utilizes its infrastructure
  • Promotes urban and thematic tourism, by sustainably utilizing its sources
  • Adopts solutions in order to eliminate its CO2 footprint and slow the climate change
  • Improves its services, adopting innovative technological solutions, for the benefit of its citizens
  • Encourages young people to actively participate in common decision-making processes
  • Enhances innovation and start-up entrepreneurship
  • Utilizes the growth potential of the area, highlighting and promoting its competitive advantages.

This event is a great dissemination opportunity for TwinAIR project and e-Trikala will present it at their booth.

Leaflets will be distributed and a rollup banner will enforce the project’s presence at the conference.

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