TWINAIR project was presented at Trikala from 3 to 4 June 2024 at GiSeMi HUB and 27th Primary School.

On June 3rd, the personnel from Open Care Centers for the Elderly, schools, and various municipal services involved in the TWINAIR project, had the opportunity to receive comprehensive information about the project. The meeting took place at the GiSeMi HUB, an innovation and entrepreneurship hub, and featured two key presentations.

Dr. Andreas Flouris, a Professor of Physiology at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at the University of Thessaly, delivered an enlightening talk on the importance of air quality for both physical and mental health. His presentation underscored the critical role that clean air plays in maintaining overall well-being.

Following this, Dr. Stylianos Karatzas, the Scientific Coordinator of TwinAIR project from the Laboratory of Infrastructure and City Management Projects, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras, along with Antonis Papamanolis, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the same laboratory, provided a brief overview of the project. They discussed the equipment that will be installed in the participating buildings, explaining how this technology will monitor and improve air quality.

Additionally, on June 4th, at the 27th Primary School of Trikala—one of the schools already equipped with sensors—the students presented the TWINAIR project. This engaging presentation by the students highlighted their active involvement and understanding of the project’s significance, further demonstrating the initiative’s educational impact.

These events mark significant steps in raising awareness and promoting the importance of air quality, showcasing the collaborative effort between educational institutions, municipal services, and research bodies in the successful implementation of the TWINAIR project.